by Adam Kozłowski, Marcin Wiśniewski

The collection of data and its subsequent monetization wouldn’t be possible without the ‘’attachment points” in the form of technologies already used in vehicles and controlled parts and systems. It’s also common knowledge that car data monetization is based on three main sets of factors…

by Adam Kozłowski, Marcin Wiśniewski

Brook. Not a stream yet, though. But in the foreseeable future, it is going to be a proper river. What are we talking about? Data obtained from vehicles. Experts estimate that data inflow is likely to rise from approximately 33 zettabytes (this is how much we obtained in 2018) to 175 zettabytes in 2052. For OEMs and companies from the broadly-defined automotive industry, this means one thing. Endless monetization possibilities. Providing that they face the challenges connected with data capture, filtering, and storage, and become familiar with the in-vehicle technologies enabling that.

The potential is enormous. However, the Capgemini report shows that there is still a long way ahead before reaching its full potential. Today, as many as 44% of OEM customers do not yet avail of any online service in their cars, and still, connecting to…

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